The music - a dreamy amalgram of early Eighties On-U dub spaces and early Nineties Spaceman-esque willowings, shimmering acoustic guitars and endless repeated percussion fade-outs - perfectly compliments the voice. Songs drift in and around like so many strands of hair floating across cheekbones” - Everett True

— Melody Maker

My album

Released Record Store Day 2023

SpaceAge Recordings and Rolling Heads is proud to release the long awaited return of underground mystery man John Massoni's Think Of Me When You Hear Waves.  Featuring all-new recordings which showcase John's voice and talent for haunting sounds.   This record may remind you of The Velvet Underground, Scott Walker, Lee Hazlewood, Psychedelic Furs, Red House Painters, The Swans,  Bobbie Gentry,,, just to name a few!  There are many nods to John's past bands Weather Theater, A Western Family, and Maxine.   Many of the musicians involved have worked with John through the years, including Sonic Boom (Spaceman 3, Spectrum, EAR) who collaborated on the trippy Sundowner Sessions EP.  Recorded in Tacoma, Washington with Hunter Lea (Nancy Sinatra, Lee Hazlewood) producing. There's a link to Rolling Heads below or check with your local or online record dealer,  or you can stream or download it on your favorite sites. You can even email me to see if I have any copies on hand.  Thanks!

A Fantastic Summer Night in Seattle

Nonmodern at the Rabbit Box

In the heart of downtown Seattle, at a cozy little venue, we had a wonderful time finishing up the last in a string of shows.   The crowd seemed to enjoy it and so did we!   Cool vibes throughout.   We now have a little breather to get some recording done and make some set list changes before a show later in August.  As always, thank you for your support!


my band!

Just wanted to be clear this is the band I'm in.  It includes Rolf Berteig (Feast, Luna Moss), Liz Wick (Weather Theater, A Western Family), Eva Maxine (my daughter and, yes, a singer) and myself.  We're having a good time and hope to get some music out to you soon!