A NEW RECORD representing the STRANGE GOING ONS inside my MIND!

PSEUDONYM, a new lp of experimental electronic soundscapes just came out through SpaceAgeRecordings and RollingHeads.   I am proud of this collection and I hope you can find a space in your heart to allow it to sink in. Creating this kind of music helps me to understand myself better.   It's a form of meditation for me and helps me explore sounds outside of being in rock band.   I originally started working on this during the beginning of Covid.  Took some time off to move and make other music, then started getting more serious about it about a year ago.  There's a song titled Margo, Adrift which is the name of one of my favorite local bands.   More Than Human is one of my favorite books, by Theodore Sturgeon.   When I started this project I had wanted it to be “music to play while reading vintage science fiction paperbacks.”   First title idea was “Starsongs From An Old Primate” which it essentially is.   That title nicked by paperback with same title by Alice Sheldon aka James Tiptree, Jr.   Love looking at the artwork on those vintage books.   Give this a listen.   Enjoy!





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