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A Good Time Was Had 

The Alternative Curves show was a big success!   Not only a great crowd but just the amount of familiar faces warmed my heart.   Saw friends from bands I played with back when I was 18.   Felt like a reunion of sorts.  The vibe was wonderful.   I feel like I'm settling down some on stage, less nervous, so that's good.  This is our last show of the year and we will be looking at working on new songs as I am itching to get some recording done soon with the group.


November 18th will be a great night of music.   Some of my favorite Northwest bands are playing.   Many old friends.  Luna Moss features Char Easter who sang on Weather Theater single Great God's Gift and has been a label mate on both Sun & Steel and Blast First, with her band Common Language.   Dan Blossom was in one of my first favorite bands Feast of Friends, later to become Feast, and shared shows, and were practice room neighbors way back when.  And Kevin Evans was in Feast of Friends.  Now he is part of Margo Adrift.   And Margo is fantastic. And Rolf Berteig was in Feast, and now plays in Luna Moss AND my band John Massoni and the Nonmodern.   So, there's a bit of a thing going on.   I saw Student Nurse way back when I was a teen.   One of my first local shows.   They are part of the fabric of what Northwest music is all about.   It's been so great getting to know them.  And they are fierce.   

OH GEEZ! So much stuff going on. Hold on, let me catch my breath... 

FIrstly, I hope by now everyone knows we have a show at the end of the week.   I've been working with a band featuring Rolf Berteig, Liz Wick, Jonathan Marlow, and my daughter Eva.   We have developed a sound I think will work well in a live setting.   I really hope we record a group of songs as this unit.   It makes me think of what Weather Theater may have sounded like in the future,  but a little more noisy.   Anyways, it'll be a cool thing and I really hope you can check us out!  My friends in Student Nurse are playing.   Student Nurse was one of the first live bands I ever saw, when I was a wee teenager!  That's pretty cool.   And Tom Price is an institution around these parts.  I remember a show A Western Family  did with the U-Men in 1984 at Edmonds Community College.  It was quite a gig!  To see that we're all still kicking is worth the admission price alone!  We also have the band AAIIEE playing.  New blood.   Being fed to the lions.   But, seriously,  I hear good things and look forward to checking out their set.  Be there early!  Advance tickets are cheaper.  Thanks!